La Forza Della Vita it might be the power of life,anyway i've heard this very beautiful song by too many singers,but it seems that this song established perfect with such a powerfull voice like Luciano Bruno.
very beautiful song.
here are the translation.
Even when we break appart in anger or out of cowardice because of a love inconsolable even when the most unlivable place is home and you cry and do not know what you want believe: there is a force in us, my love stronger than the sparkle an than this crazy and useless world it is stronger than an incomprehensible death and than this nostalgia that never leaves
When you get to touch the depths with your fingers

you'll instantaneously feel the force of life

that will follow you

Love, you don't know

You'll see there is a way out.

Even when you eat for pain

and in the silence you hear your heart

as an unbearable noise

and do not want to get up,

the world is unattainable!

even when hope

From now on, won't ever be enough...
There is a desire that this death challenges;
it's our dignity; the life force,
that never asks: " what is eternity?"
even if somebody offends it
or if someone sells the afterlife
When you feel that you have it between your fingers
recognize it: the power of life
that you will bring with you
don't ever let yourself go
don't leave me without you
Even inside the prisons
of our hypocrisy
also in the depths of the hospitals
and in the new disease
there is a force that is watching you
and you'll recognize it
it's the most stubborn strength that is in us
that dreams and never gives up.
My love it's the force of life
who never asks: "What is eternity?"
but struggles every day with us
until the very end
When you feel it between your fingers
you'll recognize it: the force of life.
The power is within us
my love, soon or later you will feel
the power of life
that you'll drag with you
and that whispers tenderly:
"Look how much life there still"

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