Words to describe Jacqueline Castel? Talented, stylish, mystic, tasteful, reflective, thoughtful. We followed her on set earlier this month as she directed a music video, and later interviewed her in the basement of Academy Records on North 6th in Williamsburg, while employees of Sacred Bones Records worked on their next vinyl release. She has directed numerous, gorgeous music videos and films, several in collaboration with this Brooklyn record label. As a film director who has chosen the independent route, and as a curator of local film screenings, she definitely had her grounded opinion of New York City. Here's what the driven lady had to say.

Polaroids courtesy of Jacqueline Castel from her SX-70 camera. Music clips from her music videos: Gary War's "Highspeed Drift", and Zola Jesus' "Clay Bodies" & "Vessel".

Jacqueline Castel has directed and photographed multiple short films and music videos. She has studied filmmaking and cinematography in NYC, LA, and the Czech Republic. Her work is informed by paranoia and the fantastical, weaving the surreal with a sense of humor about the horrors and absurdity of humanity.



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