Dr. Patricia Ulbrich “Pittsburgh was the birthplace of influential leaders of the women’s movement and was home to several pioneering feminist organizations during the later part of the twentieth century,” says PF/PCA Artist Member Patricia Ulbrich.

In Sisterhood: The Women’s Movement in
Pittsburgh is a multimedia exhibit directed by Ulbrich.

The show features a portrait gallery of legendary figures from the movement, including Alma Speed Fox, Barbara Hafer, Molly Rush, Eleanor Smeal, and a dozen other leading feminists; video of oral histories about the struggle for equal rights in Southwestern PA; and memorabilia from private collections.

“The project is designed to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of this inspiring aspect of the region’s history and to highlight how progress was achieved through the hard work and determination of a diverse group of local activists,” Ulbrich explains. “Our collection of digitally recorded interviews,” she continues, “provides a new source of data for scholars studying social movements.”

Patricia Ulbrich, Ph.D, is currently a visiting scholar in women’s studies at the University of Pittsburgh. For more than three decades, Dr. Ulbrich’s research has focused on women’s studies and women’s issues, including how race, class and gender shape life chances. In addition she co-founded The Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania.

As an Artist Member Ulbrich was able to utilize PF/PCA’s conduiting program for the In Sisterhood project. PF/PCA acts as a fiscal agent – a conduit – that accepts and is
responsible for grant money on the artist’s behalf.

Credits: Shot and Edited by Joel Lambeth

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