From whom do we try to protect the ones we love? From others, or ourselves?

The man has locked his sister in their basement for five years, after he learned about her. She, on the other hand, is submissive and has surrendered to him. The only stand she takes against him is one of silence. She doesn't say a word to him, and ignores his attempts to communicate with her.

Production 2009

Yaser Al-Qarmazi
Wafa Maki
Ahmed Al-Fardan
Hussain A.Ali
Mahmood Al-Safar
Aisha A.Rahman
Talal Oraifi
Nofe Bahar

Ameen Saleh

Produced & Directed by
Hussain Al-Riffaei

Mohammed Haddad

Sound Engineer
Abdulla Jamal

Edited by
Saleh Nass

Director of Photography
Khalid Al-Ameeri

Isa Al-Mulla

Assistant Director
Salman Al-Zayani

Set Design
Muneer Saif

Make up
Yasser Saif
Najeeb Jaffer

Lighting Technician
Qassim Mohammed

Sound Recording
K.K. Jose

Production Coordinators
Saleh Al-Dhaan
Mahyar Haddad

Artistic contributions
Chaker bin yhmed
Salman Al-Oraibi
Maysam Al-Nasser

Mohammed Haddad
Hamed Saif

Printings Designer
Hashem Jaffer

Technical Services
Talking Pictures Productions

Post production
Elements Productions

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