I've been meaning to test out analogue projections using OHP lenses and various paraphernalia as a way to distort, interrupt and explode projections. This idea first came to me through an urge to break out of the confines of standard video projection shapes and ratios and produce something that could be physically instead of digitally manipulated.

After agreeing to take part in a group exhibition 'Archiplelago' at Bonington Gallery, Nottingham in Jan/Feb 2012 I realised that this was the time to get this idea started.

This is some noisy documentation of results I found interesting whilst playing around with the test setup. Initially I spent my time trying to find the optimum configuration but after a while I realised that I had an apparatus that could constantly be adjusted and manipulated any number of times to achieve abstract, slow revealing and unexpectedly expressive results.

The pulse is created by the auto iris on the camera constantly adjusting to its own video feed.


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