Every year, the SPCA make a push for fundraising and to rehouse as many dogs
as possible at Christmas. However, every year they are faced with the challenge
of how to gain traction, when every charity is waving buckets.
Instead of using any collectors, we created a product to sell in the lead-up to
Christmas – a CD single called A Very Silent Night, a song that was recorded at
frequencies that only dogs can hear and was completely silent for human ears.
As ‘The Underdogs’, we got a record deal with Universal Records and then the
CDs were sold throughout New Zealand via New Zealand’s largest retail chain,
The Warehouse.
We launched the CD with a Doggy Disco at one of Auckland’s hippest clubs,
Rising Sun on K-Rd, where DJs played nothing but dog themed music – Snoop
Dogg, Nate Dogg, Elvis’s Hound Dog. In attendance were New Zealand’s media
and over 50 dogs.
The song had a music video on high rotation shot by Chris Graham, New Zealand’s
premiere hip-hop music video director.
A completely silent song made huge amounts of noise, becoming global news
when it was the Christmas number one in New Zealand in 2007.
It also rehoused all of the SPCA’s dogs.
Since then, Radiohead and Lou Read have produced their own verions of this

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