NYC I-X is an experimental documentary that utilizes the ten sign semiotic system of Charles Sanders Peirce by adopting New York City as object, New Yorkers as interpretant, and ten different scenes as the signs themselves.

Each scene is labeled according to which sign was used:

I - rhematic iconic qualisign: A feeling of New York City

II - rhematic iconic sinsign: A 'model' of New Yorkers

III - rhematic indexical sinsign: Possibilites near the subway

IV - dicent indexical sinsign: onomatopoeia: New Yorkers ignore violence

V - rhematic iconic legisign: The Empire State Building

VI - rhematic indexical legisign: The layout of New York City

VII - dicent indexical legisign: "This is New York"

VIII - rhematic symbolic legisign: The New York Times in context

IX - dicent symbolic legisign: Naming pedestrians

X - argument symbolic legisign: A proposition from an interview

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