Recording soloist, Mahieu Van Der Linde for the sage production, Landskap.

Filmmaker Pierre Lombard had the privilege to work with these renowned artists on the stage production, Landskap. An initiative of choir conductor, Rudolph De Beer and Bondina Osterhoff from Oude Libertas. The production also featured international land artist Strijdom Van Der Merwe (, guitarist James Grace, director André Odendaal, and actress Anna-Mart Van Der Merwe.

Lombard had to capture on camera, the baritone soloist, Mahieu van der Linde, who’s image was projected on the large screens behind the stage. Lombard’s sensitive approach to directing, gives the artist the emotional security to connect with the depth of Edvard Grieg composition, I Himmelen.

Below is only a close up of Mahieu’s face as it appeared in the stage production.

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