Celebrating the incredible skills of a master of scientific glassblowing, Raymond Tribe, ‘retort’ presents a mesmerising insight into the processes of scientific glass-making at Chemglass Manufacturers Ltd in London.

Chemglass provide bespoke glass products to the medical, scientific, nuclear and pharmaceutical industries as well as creating ‘one- off’ products and artworks for fine artists and designers.

Raymond Tribe has been working with scientific glass for over forty years and is one of the last remaining skilled scientific glass blowers in the UK.

Chronicling Raymond’s delicate mastery of the timing, precision and his very sensual relationship with this amazingly maleable material play out through a continuous chain of actions , rhythms and processes.

The film offers a powerful insight into some of the physical and psychological dimensions of glass working and celebrates the delicious viscosity of this amazingly versatile material.

Composer and Jorge Queijo and musician Maria Monica have created an evocative soundtrack that integrates dialogue and percussive sounds from the workshop with electronic and orchestral interpretations of this dynamic industrial process.

This new HD video was commissioned and recently presented as part of 'The Anatomy of Desire & Other Experiments' installation at The Wellcome Collection, London.

Short Biography of Director

Charlie Murphy’s portfolio includes dramatic visual art installations using video, glass, light, photography and live performance. She has presented many different kinds of live participatory events involving kissing, dentistry, cart-wheeling, country dancing, pantomime ponies, aerial dance and gymnastics / dance displays for festival, gallery and public contexts.

Since graduating in Fine Art (Photography) from the Royal College of Art (London) in 1999 she has exhibited extensively at national and international art festivals, public institutions and galleries. Presentations include Artsway’s ‘New Forest Pavilion’ at the Venice Biennale 2005, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2006, Artist Collectables at Tate Modern 2007, the Big Dance Festival 2008 , ’On the Waterfront’ festival in Liverpool 2010 and the International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston 2012 as well as many film and performance festivals internationally.

Her major mixed media project ‘The Anatomy of Desire’ was recently presented at the Wellcome Collection, (London) and a new ‘Kingston Big Wheel’ live performance and video project has been commissioned by the Stanley Picker Gallery for their ‘No Competition’ off site programme.

(for more information on her exhibiting history, please see charliemurphy.co.uk or email charliemurphy99@hotmail.com)

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