The visual narrative of "Tunneling" is defined through the process of cutting through the wall of the performance space from inside to outside, the different layers within the building wall slowly exposed until the outer, nighttime street is reached. This image is constructed in a live fashion through use of a green-screen setup, a specially constructed table and custom software which “memorizes” the appearance of each layer of material as it's being cut. The audio narrative consists of a multitude of voices singing verses, which are at first multiplied by many thousands, and slowly decimate while the wall is exposed until only one, the real voice of the audio performer, is left when the street outside is finally reached. An additional layer of domestic cooking sounds is intertwined with the voices, juxtaposed with the sounds generated by the cutting of the wall-layers.

Performers: Nadav Assor- video and objects, Surabhi Saraf- audio and singing (NASSA)

Exhibited: In "New Blood II", Links Hall, Chicago

Media: Live greenscreen rig, prepared wall section plates, custom software

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