a collaboration of a varying points, degrees and lines..
take me to your ruler is an attempt to join all the dots with striking acuracy.

gone are the days of sloppy hand drawn connections and carefree aproximation, in this brave new world of polytechnics we are presented with a vast array of tools that not only make our lives more dynamic, but increasingly efficient. but let us not forget the humbled technologiesof yesteryear. We shall raise our tools in the air in the name of human supremacy - for it is our rulers that make our lives truly magnificent.

equipped with the latest in breathtaking technology this straight edge team will demonstrate an incredible entorage
of inspiring workouts for the creative individual in all of us. showcasing their latest inovations in their very
own private multimedia gymnasium, specators at the farm will witness a rare sneak peak into revolutionary audio visual bliss that is 'take me to your ruler'.

Take me to your ruler is a custom made controller for a live audiovisual work out. The speed and timing of the video is controlled by the treadmill. kind of like a turntable for video - you can move backwards and forwards through the video sequence. your walking speed controlling the speed of the video and audio.

The excercise bike plays a more subtle role by affecting the video in a variety of ways.

This project was made using pure data, excercise equipment, custom video and footage from the prelinger archives.

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