Air Draco is a side-scrolling arcade that combines exciting gameplay and amazing background designs.

To save himself from an evil witch Kakia, Draco has to fly through different magic chambers, avoid bewitched obstacles, complete quests and escape from the cave of doom.

Meet Draco, prepare for one hell of a ride and fly for your freedom!
The Story
An evil witch Kakia stole an unhatched dragon’s egg to prepare a magic potion, but she was given a surprise. Draco has hatched out in captivity, and now, in his pursuit of freedom, he has to fly through different chambers of magic cave (Jewels Lake, Mystic Mine and Elf’s Lair) so that he can return to his mother’s embrace.

While trying to find the way out from the doomed cave, brave little dragon will encounter many magic obstacles, and will have to avoid goblin’s fire attacks and Kakia’s bewitched brooms.

It is completely free to enjoy this endless adventure!

One touch controls make playing Air Draco extremely easy. All you need to escape the cave are good reflexes, but even if you fail there is no need to worry! Magos take care of you leaving you magic gifts with fire rides on your way. Draco normally flies through different magic chambers, but with the help of these fire rides Draco can drive an inventive vehicle, ride a magic bike and even glide in his own eggshell and carry a fire sack, which changes his movement and progress through the cave.

-12 sets of obstacles (lavas, slimes, fire-lasers, goblin’s spells, witch’s brooms, and much more)
-70 challenging quests
-Interactive environment (animals in the cave- rats and mice, and foods-bats and spiders…)
-After each playing (if you collect coins) you get the chance to spin Magos’ wheel of fortune and win various rewards (if you’re lucky enough)
-Draco’s completely customizable look (different outfits)
-Fire ride upgrades (magnet and time upgrades)
-Boost your game time with rat’s kick, burning start and dragon’s heart
-Amazing graphics that takes you into the world of Air Draco
-Three different high detail backgrounds
-GameCenter integrated

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