While working for NBC at the Super Bowl, Canon gave me the opportunity to shoot for a day with their new C300. I went out for 3 hours shooting scenic shots around Indianapolis in hopes that we could use the camera in future ENG work and test the low lights.

Canon 16-35mm f2.8 was the only lens used.
29.97P 1/60 shutter
1000-2000 ISO
Normal 3 Gamma
Each shot used a different color matrix that we made on the spot to try and achieve the best representation of real life to my eyes. if given more time, I know that I could have corrected it even better and more accurately with all the given settings in the menu.
The menu is the same as the Canon XF305 that I've used before, and was easy to navigate.
Imported into Final Cut 7 and edited unaltered. Exported into Vimeo's recommended settings and uploaded.

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