RE:Phrase is a text animation script that extends the standard Blender font object to give it a number of new features. This video shows how to use the new features of RE:Phrase+ 1.3.

The new features are:

Sub mesh vertex parenting allows entire phrase to use mesh based modifiers to affect layout. Cap generation for characters with z-offset cap lift-off. Automatic material mapping from the RE:Phrase+ master object to all characters (slot1=base,slot2=cap). Render bug fix reduces the chance of ever having two character exactly overlapping (removes that black flicker in animations). Multiple phrases support. Selection tool to select all characters that make up a phrase. Can use the first particle system of a mesh emitter for the LOC/ROT of characters on a per-phrase basis. Experimental crash recovery system. New auto-kerning feature for the layout engine. Spin characters around their baseline. Justification and per-word or per-character deployment. Handler based processing.

You can get the AddOn here:!%29

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