Is Karen the last racist in New York?  

Karen is a mid-thirties white woman struggling with her racism (“I know it’s not polite to refer to them that way,” she says, after calling someone a !#*%@_). Enter William, who resolves to devote himself to “exorcising the racism from Karen the Racist” by taking her on a tour through some of the city’s "ethnic" literature, art and neighborhoods, but still Karen can’t manage to kick the habit.

The story takes a turn when Barack Obama, a first-time senator from Illinois, begins to mount an impressive presidential campaign (Obama is “half-white, half-black”). It soon becomes clear that America’s race sensitivity is as skin-deep as it is color blind.

Can William convince Karen the Racist that skin color is entirely incidental? Or is she a lost cause and, as some of his friends say, a total waste of time? Or is Karen’s racism symptomatic of a larger problem in dire need of eradication?

Black People are People Too is completed and due for release in festivals soon. Stay tuned.

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