The fourth in a line of famous sausage makers, Aaron Lions has been making andouille, boudin, tasso, and hog head cheese since he was 10 years old. The delicious pork products he sells can be traced to a backyard smokehouse in Milesville, Louisiana, where Aaron’s great-grandparents, Nelson and Camile Jacob—or Bragger and Mam-Bragger as they are known locally—used to make andouille and smoked sausage. In 1928, they opened their first store, and Jacob’s World Famous was born.
Andouille—a well-seasoned, heavily smoked, beef-encased sausage—was introduced in this country in the 1700’s along Louisiana’s German Coast (La Cote Des Allemands).
In body it speaks to the strong tradition of sausage making the German immigrants brought to the States, while its name is French, reflecting the language of the area at the time. From jambalaya to étouffée to gumbo, andouille appears in so many famous Cajun dishes, but before the 1980’s, it was know mostly as a local product. Even some folks as close as New Orleans and Baton Rouge hadn’t heard of it.
Today, 90 years after the Bragger’s opened their modest storefront, Jacob’s World Famous Andouille has three smokehouses, award-winning pork products that are devoured around the world, and the best looking sausage delivery truck south of the Mason Dixon.

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