"From Absence to Presence" by Inge Hoonte
at Under/Up the Stairs, Brooklyn, NY

From Absence to Presence was performed and recorded in Hoonte's stairwell in Rotterdam, and superimposed onto Noe Kidder's staircase in Brooklyn. Up the stairs, the sounds of footsteps, breathing, and a body moving through space project a seemingly live presence of everyday routines and rhythms. One speaker is placed at the top of the stairs, and one at the bottom, with the sound traveling along the staircase, on which the audience is seated. Five of my recent text-based works will be on view in the reading room under the stairs, among which Cage's Cave / Cave's Cage, and Heart Owner's Manual.

Under/Up the Stairs is a project space in two locations: the space above and underneath the stairs at Noe Kidder's apartment in Brooklyn, as well as Inge Hoonte's stairwell in Rotterdam, NL. Together we program events for these strange in-between spaces, aiming to connect them, and the people in it. In the first show, opening for a small audience in Brooklyn on February 9, Inge adapts the space in Noe's apartment and connects it to her own. For the second show, Noe will display her work in Under/Up the Stairs in Rotterdam. After this, we invite others to participate in the project.

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