The extensive use of research to help guide marketing decisions has caused an increase in autopilot responses and a reluctance to participate due to privacy issues, which has led to a dearth of deep and meaningful insights.

With a consumer’s need for control and a marketer’s desire for relevant insights, social media is providing a platform for both parties to create strong brand loyalty and engagement. These new research approaches now play a significant role in engaging customers to help better define their needs and desires. This presentation by Shikatani Lacroix president Jean-Pierre Lacroix will analyze these new tools and discuss how they are effective at gaining new insights into consumer behaviour and preferences.

This session will review the following:

The role social media plays in research
How to leverage social media as an effective insights tool
How to shift your research approach to one that forms a collaborative and engaging relationship with your target audience
The benchmarks of organizations that are using such initiatives
The role of conventional research in this new approach

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