Companies spend significant investments in creating market differentiation through advertising, promotions and social media. However, most companies do not fully leverage their CEO as a persona for their brands, missing on an opportunity to provide a human touch to what has been traditionally a media driven approach. James Bailey, Principal of Broadgate Communications in Toronto, has worked for some of the leading CEOs and will be sharing his thoughts on how to leverage the CEO as the face of the brand.

The video webinar is supported by a PowerPoint presentation and features guest, James Bailey, a seasoned communications executive, strategist and speechwriter\editor and Principal of Broadgate Communications in Toronto. The session was hosted by Jean-Pierre Lacroix, President of Shikatani Lacroix.

This 35 minute Video Webinar covered the following:

* Defining the role of the CEO as the face of the brand
* What is the role of an executive communications manager
* Considerations for how to best manage the relationship with the CEO
* How to integrate social media and overcome some of the legal issues

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