Producer/host Bonnie D. Graham [r.] welcomes [l. to r.] science student Lelina Chang, Jimmy "The Junk Genius" Ruocco, retired science teacher Peter Suchmann, and science student Andrew Schneider.

The mechanical installation in the background was created by Mr. Ruocco from items in his junkyard in Freeport, NY, to demonstrate the exciting science found in discarded appliances and mechanical trash. This 'jester of the junkyard' is featured in "JUNKies", a SCIENCE TV series about the inspired creations he builds from discarded scraps.

Mr. Suchmann, a frequent guest on the program and an admired former teacher in the Great Neck schools, discovered that using magic in the classroom was a key to keeping students interested in science. He discusses his upcoming book.

Ms. Chang and Mr. Schneider are top students who plan careers in the sciences. On the program, they speak about how 'cool' it is to be a 'science nerd', and how sports and other extracurricular activities help keep balance in their lives.

Thank you to our dedicated crew: George Cutler, Zac Transport, Karen Lynn Miller, Colette Thaw and Kaitlyn Herzog. Appreciation for support by Erica Bradley / PATV and Jason Hodge / Cablevision. Special thanks to our longtime loyal sponsors, Third Dimension Hair Salon and Bagel Mentch in Great Neck, Long Island, NY.

Photo credit: Kaitlyn Herzog

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