This is an arrangement of Paradise from Coldplay that was intended to be part of a larger video-collaboration project with other instruments. That project was cancelled. It thought it would nonetheless be interesting to show the Eigenharp Alpha part. So please bear in mind that this was intended to be heard with other musical parts. I debated to add the original Coldplay song in the background but for copyright reasons I don't want to take the risk.

More Eigenharp videos and demos at

This uses the following software instruments and effects:

* SonicCouture Glass Works Le Cristal
* Modartt PianoTeq
* Orange Tree Samples Evolution Acoustic Guitar - Steel Strings
* the native EigenD modeled 'Cello
* Orange Tree Samples Evolution Electric Guitar - Strawberry
* Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro
* SoftTube CL-1B Compressor
* AirWindows NC-17 Limiter

Hope you like it.

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