Entropy Symphony: Movement One - The Whitney
Zefrey Throwell

The Sound of All the Rules Breaking at Once
75 People
25 Performances
All 6 levels of the Whitney
In 5 minutes

May 27th, 2010
4:00pm - 4:05pm
New York City
Whitney Museum of American Art

Using Michael Asher's project of keeping the museum open for 72 straight hours as an umbrella for dialogue,I decided to push the boundaries of the institution still further and break every museum taboo I'd ever heard of, at once.

Entropy Symphony is the melodious cacophony from the inevitable decay of a closed system. In other words, the music that is made when the gears momentarily grind to a halt. The symphony was created by the sound of walkie talkies all going off at the same time as the guards attempted to respond to 25 emergencies at once.

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