A displaced wellspring relentlessly seeking affinity...brewed of this passion a name is sculpted in hopes of conveying the resemblance of lineage and kinship. This essential gift encompassing immoveable adoration and longing spawned by a parent to their offspring. A name is spirited and creative in texture painted with dreams, love and desire. This primal architecture is often dismissed as “ghetto” and poverty-ridden - its construct impetuous without substance. The sound of the name is filled with soul and vivacity – an anomaly, yet this newness is without history. It lulls the tongue like honey and is effervescent like fresh mint. LaShawntiqua doesn’t fully understand the power of her name, she doesn’t know it’s value, nor it’s magic but adores when it is spoken as it was given – with sincerity. Alone she smiles, in awe of its shape and brilliance. What if she were unashamed and found its full reverent glory, what if she were able to smile among other beautiful smiles?

Concept & Choreography by Jeffrey Page
Assistance by Anthony Burrell
Music by Fertile Ground, Talib Kwali, Idris Ackamore & Moussa Traore
Music Edited by Farai Malianga
Performed by Opus Dance Theatre (2009) & Sankofa Dance Theatre (2008)

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