Dir. Metropol Grand (c) 2012 Metropol Grand.
Bride Of Babel is featured on the 2012 album "Magnabomb" by Metropol Grand.

Bride Of Babel is about God speaking to man. The video is divided into two parts, the first being an earthly perspective of the United States power grid in green hues, the color of earth. The buildup is practical: generators, transmission lines, and the superconstruct (in this case, a fractal we generated to match the power infrastructure geometry.)

The second half is inverted: a heavenly perspective in blue hues, the color of Heaven. This time the US is less legible; first visible as the elegant fractal superconstruct, but in practice becoming more and more monstrous. Finally the image is frozen in gold, which decays into a grotesque stain.

Bride Of Babel is the freshest, straight-forward, pounding vocal trance from Metropol Grand. Bride Of Babel will be available on the "Secret Weapon" EP, coming spring 2012. The full MAGNABOMB album will be released in summer 2012.

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