'Happy Eid' or 'Jazna te Piruzbit' in Kurdish, is an insight into the Muslim festival of Eid in the village of Presa in the Barzani mountains in Iraqi Kurdistan.

The story behind Eid is known to both the Christian Old Testament and the Islamic Koran. The premise is that God comes to Ibraham (Abraham) in a dream and asks him to sacrifice his oldest son Ishmael. Ibraham consults Ishmael and tells him what God has asked him to do. Both Ibraham and Ishmael, devout in their faith, agree that they must follow out God's order. Just as Ibraham is about to slit his son's throat, God sends Ibraham a sheep. God says that it was a test of Ibraham's faith and that he has succeeded, proving to God that he is a loyal and faithful follower.

Every year, Muslim's around the world celebrate Eid as a symbol of God's mercy and re-enact Ibraham's obedience by sacrificing a sheep or cow for God.

Eid, like all festivals, has regional differences in how it is celebrated. In the Kurdish village of Presa, they have a unique tradition which has changed over time. Their village has a long history of hardship, especially during the Saddam Baathist regime, when their village was effectively destroyed for some time and many of their people were killed. Today, Eid is a celebrated day when all the village get together. It is also a sacred day when loved ones are remembered.

We wish to thank Presa village for welcoming us into their homes on this day and allowing us to celebrate Eid with them, and film this documentary. We would also like to thank the Herman Institute of Bile for assisting us with this project.

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