Time-lapse. February 2012.
1st Thursday at the Orlando Museum of Art.

This was a combined effort to create a time-lapse of objects in motion over a long period of time for my portfolio. Big thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. I hope to try this again soon with more camera angles and a whole new theme.

Photography by:
Conner McCrea-Lamontagne
and Mitch Hogue

Edited by:
Mitch Hogue

Titles and graphics by:
Adriana Ramirez

Written and produced by:
Ed Herbst

Special Thanks:
Phyllis Lankiewicz, Emily Bourmas-Fry,
and Hansen Mulford

The post production work on this video was more complicated than I had thought and choosing the right music was challenging. The footage captured was over 90 GB in size and the original soundtrack included classical music from several composers before finally evolving to a song by Bonobo entitled "The Fever."

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