Debut company experience for Boxee Inc.- a NYC-based home electronics company, makers of the Boxee Box- a revolutionary social TV set-top box/streamer. Bringing social media, live TV, movies-on-demand and streaming HDTV shows to your living room screen!
The idea was to show how Boxee integrates into your everyday life in its many forms: set-top box, iPad, browser integration. The first person POV approach allowed us to have the viewers identify with the hero, build suspense and develop a visual language, while keeping our production footprint low. Tilt/Shift timelapse photography was used to further enhance the look&feel.
Production took place over a week in various locations in NYC- Manhattan and Brooklyn, with post-production extending over a month. Filming was done on a custom-made Sony NEX-5N helmet rig, with B-Cam and timelapse on canon 5D. Offline on Avid Media Composer, Online on Cinema 4D+Adobe After Effects.
Production company: Walter Pictures-, Executive Producer: Lia Mayer-Sommer. Director/Offline Editor/Colorist: Tomer Bahat, D.O.P/Compositor: Guy Raz, Set Dresser: Haley Lieberman, Styling: Patricia Iglesias, PAs: Alexis Forte, Jack Cronin, Ashley Posey, Wardrobe assistant: Hannah Kittel, Original music: J. Viewz (Jonathan Dagan), Sound Editor: Sweetsound- Uri Kalian
Boxee team: CEO: Avner Ronen, Product Manager: Idan Cohen, VP Marketing: Andrew Kippen, Marketing team: Will Robinson, Gervis Menzies, Liz Dellheim.
Cast: Andy Roberts, Laura Graham, (the adorable) Lucas and Olivia Gilkison-Parish.
Also graciously appearing: Roee Ronen, Nick Miller, Sarah nelson, Selek Brodsky, Ryan Troy.
Camera equipment: B&H, Adorama rentals, Du All camera.

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