Official video for Sad Soul Circus - Waves
It took about 2 weeks on and off in total from start to finish, some clips were shot at 4 in the morning with the subjects a little less than sober. We shot on 3 different cameras, a different one at each location as I don't actually own a camera they were all begged for and borrowed, 2 cameras were DSLRs but I cant for the life of me remember which models, so the overall quality is grainy in places unfortunately. The entire video was made with no budget, so all the people in the video are volunteers and friends, same goes for every one who helped. But all in all quite happy for my first video/music video.

Cork based producer Sad Soul Circus's chillwave single Waves official music video.
Features footage of Ballet, Sparkly steel wool poi, hula hoops on fire and string poi.

Free download of waves:

For more information on Sad Soul Circus/


Breaking tunes:


Produced, Filmed, Directed and Edited - Finn Yowell

Music - Sad Soul Circus


Ballet - Siobhán Ryan
Sparkly Poi - Darren Kennealy
Glowsitck Poi - Darren Kennealy
String Poi - Tara O'Neill
Hulahoop - Bernice Byrne

Camera 2 - Richard Tattan

Camera Hire - Darren Kennealy, James Walsh

Lighting - Una O'Neill, Dan McMahon, Jess O'Neill

Security - Cai Stevens, Richard Tattan

Photography - Dan McMahon

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