The son of the Ukrainian ortodox priest, the journalist and the member of the Komsomol, 16 years in Stalin's GULAG - Pavlik talks about his life. 2011 he celebrates his 100.
75 minutes - 50 cuts.

Pavel Galitsky and Valentin Muravsky in film by Peter Rippl and Anatoli Skatchkov.
P.Rippl – born in Hessen, Germany. Writer, director, cinematographer. Films: Winterspruch,1999; The Men who sings,2009; NO TRUST NO FEAR ASK NOTHING,2011.
A.Skatchkov – born in Czernowitz, Ukraine. Writer, director, editor. Films: Das Nitschewoland,2001; Kunst und Verbrechen,2003; Anna Staritsky.La vie collage,2004; Mikhail Shvartsman. Recognition,2005; Fragile,2008.

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