This site specific installation investigates the relationship between rendered canvas and architectural envelopes: in particular “Painted Canvas” aims to blur the distinctions between what is living or non-living, organic or technological, promising or threatening, true or synthetic. Ideas about nature and its simulation are central to this small installation, inviting the viewers to question what is 'real' and what is not. Constructed out of flat sheets of printed canvas, this wall borrows some of the techniques developed and mastered by Impressionism, and apply them to manufacture specific effect for an architectural project.

Project commenced: June 2011
Exhibition open: February 2012
Exhibition closed: May 2012

Seika University in Kyoto, Japan

Design Architects:
Atelier Manferdini, Los Angeles CA
Elena Manferdini

Tomohiko Aono
Bing Wang
Chikako Kimoto
Izuru Kishida
An Liu
Jing Yao Ma
Akihiro Murayama
Mirai Ohzono
Teizo Okumura
Mariko Tamaki
Fuyuko Tanaka
Kazuhiro Ueda
Tzu Yang Wan
Kouki Yamanishi
Xu Zhang

Special Thanks:
Sona Gevorkyan
Fumio Hirakawa
Takayuki Suzuki
Yuji Yamamoto
Takao Yamada

Courtesy of Megumi Ohguri

Metal frame and printed canvas

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