Director's cut.
It`s a journey that began billions of years ago when crystalls were formed. Gigantic engeneering structures, mighty machines, sofisticated workflows united to get a precious symbols of infinite love - diamonds. Regarded for their exquisite beauty and the timeless qualities of love and devotion that they represent, diamonds have fascinated mankind throughout the centuries.

Diamonds are formed between 100 km and 200 km below the earth's surface under remarkable conditions. The temperatures they are formed at are about 900 - 1300 C in this part of the Earth's mantle where diamonds form. The pressure is between 45 - 60 kilo bars. (kB) 50 kB = 150 km or 90 miles below the surface 60 kB = 200 km or 120 miles below the surface.

This is a documentary about complicated and impressive process of diamond extraction.

Equipment used:
Panasinic GH2 x2 + Carl Zeiss 21mm, 50mm, 100mm + Panasonic 14-140 + Panasonic 20mm + polarizer, ND, gradient filter, tripod.
Sony EX3 + wide 8x.

Writer-director: Sergey Yershov / Сергей Ершов
DoP: Nils Kravets / Нильс Кравец
CG: Alex Soloduhin, Andrey Yakunin, Nikita Chernov
VO: Emil Akopov
Music: Georgy Novosvetov
Camera assistant: Aleksey Muratov
Producer: Alena Garipova

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