HOW DO YOU IMAGINE THE DEVIL? is currently being conceived as an ever-evolving One Woman Show, which Dani Brown plans to perform for the remainder of her natural life!
The over arching question, “what can be risked concerning the potentiality of her relationship with the audience?” guides Dani's construction of the work, as well her fascination with the dynamics of projection surfaces, and a play between notions of real and fiction. A thematic weight lies in the devil as trickster and hedonist – a dually decedent and gruesome symbol for the ritual of theater!

Concept + Direction + Performance: Dani Brown | F6
Sound: Alessio Castellacci
Voice Coach:Alessio Castellacci
Outside Eyes: Marta Navaridas + Alex Deutinger + Alessio Castellacci + Liz Rech

Production: FINGERSIX | Kampnagel
Support: K3 Tanzplan Hamburg | LePacifique Centre Choreographic Grenoble

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