Inspired by the movie, I decided to create this map. It has a simple but tricky surf, with the movie's glowing colors on it. The map supports 16 players only, due to the jail's system.
All players go to Jail after 5 minutes. The jail was meant to be similar to the Games Arena, like in the movie. The players fight in pairs, and they have 30 seconds to choose who to fight with. Also, C.L.U's room is the place where the person who finishes the map goes to. It has 4 buttons in it, which can either:
1) Equip yourself with AWP
2) Kill everyone automatically
3) Enable the Final Arena (remake of Rinzler's arena)
4) Switch gravity of the Final Arena
I hope yall like this map. Just download it and enjoy!
Any bugs/errors/critics, please tell me and I'll try to fix them.
Download Link:
NJV Download Link:

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