Since 2004, I have been bearing witness to the bonds that have been woven between bees and humans on five continents.
My features show the diversity and deep-rootedness of beekeeping in all civilizations in the world. These human stories speak of cultures and techniques that are in danger of disappearing with globalization.
As a committed photographer, I seek to show that the disappearance of the species is not something inevitable, but simply a question of priorities and values.
That’s why I am happy about this partnership with the Melvita Foundation, which shares with me the same commitment to bees, organic farming and the preservation of natural environments.
Eric Tourneret

As cave paintings from the Neolithic era or those found in the Cave of the Spider can show, humankind and the bee have a close alliance.
Nomad-gatherers, bee shepherds or settled beekeepers, they keep alive, over the entire surface of the globe, a mysterious fraternity in which symbols, legends and mutual benefits merrily coexist.
The rampant standardization of the world works at destroying this fascinating ethno-diversity.
With courage and tenacity, Eric Tourneret – the talented “bee photographer” – aims to testify to these threatened centuries-old traditions and at the same time make known the fortunate initiatives that are reintroducing the “daughters of the sun” into the heart of the cities.
Through its commitment, the MELVITA Foundation has made it its mission to stand by this beautiful project of a lifetime…

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