Made for BBC2's Timewatch series this is an affectionate tribute to Concorde, one of the most iconic design and engineering masterpieces of the 20th century. The film tells the Concorde story through the experiences of designers, engineers, politicians and its fans.

“This charming elegy marks the retirement of the world’s only supersonic passenger jet.”
Daily Telegraph

“BBC2’s Concorde – A Love Story discharged its task very well. In tracing Concorde’s 40-year history, last night’s documentary certainly demonstrated the truth of its subtitle. And yet, this admiration was also accompanied by more hardheaded judgments. Timewatch kept up this deft and revealing dual perspective for the whole programme.”
The Daily Telegraph

“A gripping film about a sensational plane.”
The Times

“Concorde – A Love Story has the visuals to underline the sheer beauty of the doomed supersonic aircraft. This is a suitable and affectionate obituary for the amazing aircraft. Admirably, this doesn’t shirk some of the more awkward facts about Concorde.”
The Financial Times

“…All this came sharply into focus during Concorde – A Love Story. It was indeed a love story. The designers, engineers and pilots who created and flew Concorde all clearly adored their beautiful plane. Except that there was this other story rumbling away in the background to our tragic tale of lost love…”
The Times

“Amir Amirani’s film does an excellent job of conveying the facts, but there is another, more subtle strand that runs throughout – a lingering sense of regret over the death of something so elegant.”
Time Out

“Concorde was given a splendid send off last night by Timewatch, which presented its 30-year career as a long running romance.”
The Daily Mail

“Concorde – A Love Story marked the end of Concorde’s service with a brief history of the plane from drawing board to redundancy, and it was a programme that gave full expression to the sentiment it has always aroused. Otherwise rational engineers talked of their “love” for the plane, enthusiasts got all choked up as they contemplated its imminent retirement.”
The Independent

“This fascinating documentary provides an insight into the design and development of what has become the most recognizable passenger plane in the world.”
Sunday Express

“For an insight into all things British, you were better off with Concorde – A Love Story. Here was a tale of gumption, ingenuity and resolve; of parochialism, pettiness and calamitous fiscal ineptitude.”
The Mail on Sunday

“The documentary oozed nostalgia and sadness. It made you feel great to be British.”
Daily Express

“The way those involved spoke about it, you couldn’t help but feel a pang for the plane. Couples told of spending their savings on tickets.”
The Guardian

Timewatch, BBC2/Principal Films
50 minutes, 2003.

Producer-Director: Amir Amirani
Exec Producer: Richard Sattin
Production Company: Principal Films
Film Editor: Allen Charlton
Camera: Chris Morphet, Mike Robinson
Series Editor for Timewatch: John Farren

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