I just taped 2 new hoops and wanted to try them. This is the smallest hoop I've been able to work with yet. As you can see, I'm very limited on space in the house. The clearance over my head for lifts is minimal and once the hoop goes below my hips the sofa gets it. The light was fading outside and our sitting room is not brightly lit, so you may have to peer at this!

I've only uploaded it as a record because I'm just learning to shoulder and neck hoop. Chest hooping is still a big thing. This is more or less my 4th month of hooping. I tend to think I've done OK until I see myself. My back looks so stiff!

One cat is asleep curled up on the back of the sofa cushion (just looks like a dark ball), another is hiding behind the sofa and mid-way through this she escapes upstairs.

The music is The Feeling, I Love It When You Call.

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