In a new America where the promise of education, safety and shelter are in jeopardy, three Detroit men fight to build something lasting for themselves and future generations.

STREET FIGHTING MAN is a character-driven documentary about the daily lives of three men surviving in the neighborhoods of post-industrial Detroit. When the local police station shuts down, retired police officer James “Jack Rabbit” Jackson refuses to move away. Armed with a cell phone and video camera, Jack Rabbit patrols his community, intimidating crooks and responding to calls from neighbors in distress. His mission is simple: keep the neighborhood clean and safe in an effort to discourage families from leaving. Luke Williams is a former real estate investor who lost everything in the financial crisis. Out of options, he scrapes together enough cash to buy an abandoned crack house on a block threatened by arson. He lives there with his dog and best friend, working day and night to turn the dilapidated structure into a home. Determined to be self-sufficient, Luke demolishes walls, replaces windows and hangs drywall, racing to be ready for winter. Deris Solomon is a young father with a troubled past looking for a new start. After living on the streets and hustling to pay the bills, he gets his girlfriend pregnant. Faced with parenthood, he decides to finish school and build a stable life for his daughter; a life he never had. Without familial support, Deris pushes himself to finish school and stay out of trouble; a tough proposition when bills need to be paid. The stories of Jack Rabbit, Luke and Deris are cinematically woven together, providing an intimate look at the unique conditions of life in Detroit and the challenges facing the urban poor. As each man fights to claim his piece of the American dream, STREET FIGHTING MAN reveals the quiet heroism it takes to create something lasting when everything seems to be crumbling around you.

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