This is my very first Aurora movie, the first one in wich I was able to show how it really looks like when you're lucky to find it. What I mean is, they appear only when it's a clear sky with no cloudsand other disturbing lights.

This video show how Northern Lights is moving in real speed, exactly as you see it in real life if you're lucky to see an aurora. It's a four minutes live event in the sky sent from our sun, through the space by a sun storm.

When billions of microscopic particles from a sun storm becomes captured by Earth's magnetic field they will be concentrated in an Aurora Oval around the magnetic poles. They still move in a very high speed and collide with particles in the atmosphere.

Every little hit makes a tiny little flash in the space. The color change depending on what kind of particles it is. A higher speed makes the particles go deeper down in the sky and hits other substances.

There are different kind of particles in every level in the sky wich is the reason to the auroras are changing in color. Most rare is the blue color, as you clearly can see in a few short moments in this video..

In this video the famous singer CajsaStina Åkerström is singing the beautiful love song, composed by Janne Krantz, lyrics was written by Åsa Jinder.

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