On making the film: It was easy to make and it was fun. & in case you can't tell that is what I am going for. Something simple, & fun. I started with nothing but a flower. Got my cam filmed a few shots and then forgot about it. There was really not much footage or ideas at the time. And I am really busy.

My 1st educational film of sorts is my second overall film. A - P.S.A. ;) 3 months after I shot it, I finally finished it - because I was sick. On house arrest so to speak. So I just threw it together with no remorse. Whether it makes sense to anyone or no one at all. It's DONE.

The premise: There are a ton of folks out there that have bad or non working Catalytic converters in their vehicles. And they probably can't pass a Smog test. Though it might be as alien of a subject as - cooking for yourself. It also might inform people a bit. After all - EVERY street legal vehicle with a combustion engine needs a good Catalytic converter. As it - the catalytic converter - reduces TONS of pollutants from each vehicle in operation.

Camera: Canon EOS 1-D Mark IV.
LENS: 24-70mm EF F/2.8
Sound: Canon EOS 1-D Mark IV & Panasonic HDC-HS9.
Computer: PC.
Edited in: Adobe CS4 Premiere Pro.
Contributing Program/Software: Illustrator & Photoshop CS4. Opening animation done in a rare program called "Shake".

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