From director and writer Sean P. Parsons and A. M. Esmonde the novelist of Dead Pulse and Blood Hunger comes Terminus - an existential slow-burning vampire tale which crosses violent supernatural hijinks with an arthouse aesthetic to produce a new take on a worn-out genre.

Ellicott City, a condemned paper mill, home of Anushka - a vampire assassin haunted by self-imposed isolation. Her vow to never feed on humans is tried when a chance meeting tests her resolve. Her first bite could be your last.

Watch Parson's bring some of Esmonde's most memorable characters to life...


Philip Fletcher ... Hauer
Katherine DuBois ... Anushka
Stacey Jackson ... Marquise
Sarah Taurchini ... Caelum
Ben Cunis ... Jacob
Ryan Sellers ... Target 2
Bruce Allen Dawson ... Bodyguard
Theo 'Rick Vick' Johnson ... Target 1

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