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Hello Youtube,

How are you? Today I will be discussing the VAWA Immigration Loop-hole, which is yet another Destructive Consequence of the Unconstitutional Violence Against Women Act Federal Legislation which was rammed through Congress by the Democrat Joe Biden.

This Song is Dedicated to the Men in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and the Western World who Suffer from False Accusations Motivated by VAWA and similar Legislations.

The VAWA immigration loop-hole:

Pretend you're in love with an American Citizen or a Legal resident, get him to marry you, then, Falsely Accuse him of Abuse, Domestic Violence and/or Rape. The accusations will stick, even if completely unsupported by facts. In no time you will be on the path to Permanent Residency and with plenty of help from US tax-payer. The innocent US Man often pays a heavy price in terms of Psychological Distress, Legal Bills, Damage to Reputation, and in many cases even a Criminal Record.

This VAWA Immigration Fraud is easily accomplished with the help of a VAWA funded Battered Women shelter. You can easily contact a Shelter by dialing 211 from any phone.

Every Woman can be easily admitted to a VAWA funded Battered Women Shelter as Shelters admit any Woman who requests help. As evidence, if requested, a Police Report is Sufficient. A Police Report can be easily Fabricated by Dialing 911. When the Police Arrives, tell the Police one of the following:

- I am afraid of him
- He threatened me
- He called me “Stupid”
- He doesn’t give me money

... any of the above statements Constitutes Domestic Abuse according to VAWA.

Once an Immigrant Woman files the I-360 VAWA Self-Petition for a Green-Card, She is Automatically Granted Full Social Benefits.

Quoting Every Lawyer and Social Worker that I have Interviewed on the issue - In order to have the Green-Card Approved for her the following apply:

Her time at the Shelter is Evidence of having been Abused. Her, Requesting Help is Evidence. Police Reports and an Affidavit from a Relative of Her is Evidence. I have already explained how a police report can easily be obtained and there is no reason for her relative not to sign an affidavit as there is no investigation nor consequences for false affidavits.

One Particular Lawyer boasted that he can get any Immigrant Woman a VAWA Self-Petition Approved in less than 9 Months.

The Violence Against Women Act, VAWA grants $1 Billion to the Misandric Domestic Violence Industry, money that is used for propaganda... it is used to brain-wash the public with the Sick, Venomous Feminist Doctrines which are:

- spreading male-hate (Misandry)...
- creating and encouraging ongoing conflict between the sexes...
- maligning males and boys in every possible way...

...and Inspire Misandric Legislations and School/Court/Police Practices

Please, Enjoy...

I gave her all my love
Because I am a Man
But if you saw our love
You'd wonder what in hell
She was trying to get from me

She pretended to be in love with me
For three whole years
And to want to be my wife
Until death would do us part
It was all for a Green-Card

The Violence Against Women Act
Where every Woman Immigrant
Who Prostitutes Herself to an American guy
Gets a Green-Card

She Prostituted herself to me for 3 years
And while she did me in bed every night
She begged me to marry her
Until I married her
It was all for a Green-Card

- Solo -

She Falsely Accused me of Domestic Violence
And perjured herself in court
In order to file a VAWA self-petition
For a Green-Card
And a bunch of Social Benefits


The question is: How do we defeat 45 years of "Feminist" Domestic Violence Industry Evil Indoctrination that is now Indoctrinated into Politics, the Government, Courts, Police and General Public, Encouraging an Epidemic of False Accusations of Sexual Harassment, Domestic Violence and Rape, that:
- Women are Good, All Men are Violent and Rapists!
- Women are helpless Victims, Men are Perpetrators!
- Women need Help and Protection, Men must be Restrained, Prosecuted and Jailed! ?

G00gle: Martha Laura Granados Immigration

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root" - Thoreau, Henry David


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