Directed by Jamie Hewlett with animation directors Pete Candeland and Rob Valley at Zombie Flesh Eaters and

Full Credits:

Credit List:

Head of Marketing and Communications: Louisa Fyans
Marketing Manger: Karen Potterton
Head of Major Events: Dave Gordon
BBC Sport Executive Producer: Jonny Bramley
Olympic Project Executive: Rebekah Kipps

Executive Creative Director: Damon Collins
Creative: Paul Angus
Creative: Ted Heath
Business Director: Vicky Jacobs
Planner: Jon Tipple

Red Bee Media:
Producer: Deborah Stewart

Director: Jamie Hewlett
Producer: Cara Speller
Production Company: Passion Pictures and Zombie Flesh Eaters
Animation Directors: Pete Candeland and Rob Valley
Animation Producer: Emma Phillips

Composed & produced by Damon Albarn
Lead vocals: Jia Ruhan
Choir: Tianyuan Choir, Beijing
Musical Directors: David Coulter & Mike Smith
Mixed by Jason Cox
Engineer: Steve Sedgewick
Sound Studio: 750mph
Senior Engineer/Director: Andy Humphreys
Producer: Syleste Molyneaux

Lead Compositor: Johnny Still

Compostors: Stephane Coedel, Lee Gingold and John Williams

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