This :30sec spot is a grant recipient and a shortlisted finalist in CHEVY'S Superbowl XLVI (2012) worldwide competition. CONCEPT: A timid ordinary housewife transforms into an everyday heroine when she steps into her Chevy Volt.

Client: CHEVY ; Agency: MOFILM
Chevy Volt Car supplier:

Ms Van der Volt: Lesley Warren
Snarky Neighbor: Quynh Li
Snarky Neighbors: Suzanne Salhaney, Elle Richardson
Lovers: Margo Diertrich, Alpha Trivette
Teddy Girl: Leah Overstreet

Director/D.O.P/Editor: Brian C. Ezeike
Producers: Brian C. Ezeike, TC Gunter, Cazembe Abena
Assistant Director: Parrish Rainge
Casting Director: Elle Richardson
Producer's Assistant: Jennifer White
Costume Designer: Isis McClendon
Production Designer: Patricia Joe
Audio Op: Casey McDaniel
Script Supervisor: Franchesca Winters
EFX: Keith Matthews
Hair Stylists: Arlene Martin, Shekila Dupree
Makeup: Keka Heron, Chelsea Smith
Set Photographer: Evelyn Quinones
PAs: Shunkedra Zachery, Carla Webster,

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