David Redhead: Are you a hat man?

Peter Blake: I collect hats, yes. A tiny collection, compared with this. I have, like, ten. We've met Stephen before, so that's why we're here tonight.

DH: What is it about hats that appeal to you?

PB: Well, the main hat I've got in my collection is the hat worn by Douglas Fairbanks as Robin Hood in 1922. So that's the key hat. And then I've got a cowboy hat signed by Bo Diddley - that sort of thing.

DH: So historically significant?

PB: Yes, they're kind of rock and roll hats.

DH: So is it time - hats have sort of fallen from men's heads, actually.

PB: When you see a picture from the 1940s, everybody's wearing a hat. Maybe it's time for a revival of hats.

DH: Why is it that hats have gone out?

PB: I don't know, because every man used to wear a trilby or a cap, didn't they - the working class men? The toffs wore bowlers and top hats.

DH: Have we become too self conscious to wear a hat?

PB: I think it's just one of those cyclic fashion things, isn't it? People stop wearing them, but they could very easily start again. Maybe this will start a new trend. Maybe in times of recession people should wear hats to cheer themselves up.

DH: Thank you so much.

PB: Not at all - pleasure.

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