With this song, I decided to turn a sympathetic ear to James Buchanan, our much reviled 15th president. Sure, he was an abysmal leader, and deserves his reputation as one of the worst presidents ever, but I can't help feeling a little sorry for him.
Buchanan was our only bachelor president, who lived a life of perpetual heartbreak. As a young man, his fiance mysteriously broke off their engagement and then killed herself. Then, his "good friend" (and, many suspect, lover) William Rufus Devane King dropped dead about a month into his term as Franklin Pierce's Vice-President. Finally, and most crushing of all, Buchanan's beloved country decided to break up while he is in office. Poor guy just couldn't get a break.
Again, he was by no means a perfect man, and yes, he was a truly awful president, but he was also a human being, with real emotions.
Copyright Brian Bonelli 2010

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