"The Missouri State Department of Acronyms" was created for the True/False Film Festival's 2012 Gimme Truth! 2-minute documentary contest.

This was one of my first film projects with my Canon T3i. From concept to final product this was about a three week endeavor. I teamed up with a few friends from the University of Missouri who share a love of film, and wrote this goofy mockumentary short. We wrote the different parts and through the help of a friend at the capitol, we ran up to Jefferson City and grabbed a few impromptu interviews from some unknowing subjects. It was pretty hectic and thrown together, and despite it not being selected as a finalist in the competition, it turned out pretty good.

I entered another submission called "Discover Hantis" which was fortunate enough to make the finals. You can view it here: vimeo.com/35221900

Canon T3i, Canon T2i

Written by Connor Hickox, Jake Wallach and Bryan Petcoff
Camera Operators: Connor Hickox, Jake Wallach
Gaffer: Bryan Petcoff
Editor: Connor Hickox

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