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Work sucks.

For most of us, we've gotten to the point in our lives where we realized that fun time is over, and we've resorted to slaving away 9-5 at a place that we hate. We all have our own ways to make work fun though, and part of the joy of going to a job that you don't like is finding a way to make it through every day without going insane. Way To Go, Christine! is a 20 minute look at one girl's way to make it through the daily grind.

Christine (Karis Yanike) is like any other miserable 20-something business woman. She's working a job that she definitely hates, and only getting through her day because of her 15 minute breaks. Those breaks, at 10am and 2pm, involve sprinting to the liquor store to buy a forty (40oz bottle of beer), and then sprinting back to work before anyone notices that she was gone. Unfortunately, one day she comes back a few minutes late and misses an appointment, prompting her douchebag boss to set some new rules for her, which in turn ups the ante of the 40oz sprint.

Karis's role of Christine is perfect for this film. She's an attractive younger lady who does a good job of portraying the "miserable at work" role. She should get a lot of respect for the scenes involving her running and chugging her beers, as the way that she's shown pounding the 40s during her return trip would put any frat boy to shame.

The soundtrack to the film definitely helps set the film in the proper direction. Every time Christine goes on a beer run, a upbeat/peppy ska song starts to play, and it fits the tone of the break racing scenes perfectly. Even when Christine is forced to wait in line, she's almost dancing to the music that's going on in the background.

The only visual flaw I can really point out about the film, is that everything seems to be filmed on a hand-held camera. When Christine is sprinting down the streets, the camera is bobbing/shaking up and down with her, and it's very disorienting because of the type of camera used.

As a whole, the film is pretty entertaining, and can give us all an idea of a new game to play during our own work breaks.

Written and Directed by Mark Thimijan

Winner! Best Short Film
Riverside/Saginaw Film Festival 2010

Official Selection:
Estes Park Film Festival 2010
Brainwash Movie Festival 2010
Manalapan Independent Film Festival 2010
EgoFest 2011

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