On this cold night in early February my friend, the Ecuadorian, Spanish speaking beauty, Jessica and I warmed up in the ever so cozy Babaluu Supperclub on Yorkville Avenue. We were invited to enjoy their Peruvian Menu , adequately named, Taste of Peru. Babaluu serves up Latin American and Spanish culture inspired menu’s every three months for a prix fix of $39.95.

The meal began with a complimentary glass of Pisco Sour - a Peruvian tequila-like drink that smelled like lemon meringue pie (and tasted like one too)! Our unanimous favorite on the menu was the Ceviche with Peruvian corn and a sweet potato surprise at the bottom. I later learned that Ceviche originated over 500 years ago in Peru, and it was made with the fermented juice of the passionfruit. Ceviche has been rightfully declared to be a part of Peru’s national heritage, and has even had a holiday named in its honor. Babaluu, your Ceviche is amazing!

Promptly at 9:00 the salsa dancing lessons began, where beginners were free to join in and learn the art of salsa and merengue! In a comfortable setting, the instructor took the students through a step by step lesson in shaking your groove thang on the dance floor. I must admit, these students went from “step step tap” to salsa experts in less than an hour! It was great timing too because Babaluu was moments away from turning this cozy supperclub into a hopping salsa dance club.

Babaluu’s Taste of Peru evening took us on a journey into Latin America and I even picked up a few Spanish words along the way. Thank you to Nubia and Liliana for having us for dinner. We are looking forward to the Colombian and Spanish menus you have planned for later this year!

Babaluu Supperclub is located at 136 Yorkville Avenue | Babaluu.com

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