Kanji is the name of the characters used in Chinese and Japanese written language. The normal Japanese person has two kanji for their first name and two kanji for their last name. I made these mosiacs for all of my coworkers and friends with Japanese names, and have moved on to make them for my friends, family members, and strangers around the world. Each mosiac is made up up either 532 or 330 individual kanji, depending on which notebook I used.

This video took me about a year to make. One of these takes me about 2 hours (4 hours if double sided) and I have made over 400 mosaics. If you'd like me to make one with your name, just send me your mailing address to corcorantm28@gmail.com and I should have it sent out within a month. I can make one for any name, not just Japanese names, so don't be shy!

note: I'm taking the JLPT N2 exam on July 1st 2012. After that I probably won't be studying much Japanese in my future so it will likely take a lot longer than a month if you ask after July 1st. However I hope at some point I have the chance to learn Chinese, at that point I will start doing them again on a regular basis.

Music - Go Do by Jonsi. Those of you who haven't heard of Jonsi or Sigur Rós, I highly recommend canceling your plans for the next hour and listening to all of their songs. Your life will be better. I promise.

ps. here's a longer and more boring summary: tomasusensei.blogspot.com/2012/02/kanji-project.html

pps. here are some pics of some of the mosaics: flic.kr/s/aHsjymr7P5

ppps. Those of you worried about the cost of these, don't worry, I'll cover the postage. I'm a teacher, and if there's one thing all teachers have in common is that we are all filthy rich.

pppps. I am aware this video needs more snorlax.

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