What happens when 200 people paint a mural?
A trailer. for 25 minute film
For information or to order a DVD
go to artchangeinc,org
e-mail: artchangeinc@gmail.com

The Sitka Choose Respect Mural began with an idea that turned into a year-long conversation about the meaning of respect and the impact of domestic violence and bullying on individuals, families and the community. Two hundred volunteers worked with artists to create a 12 x 24’ mural. Even before locals picked up paintbrushes, middle school students used photography, theater and writing in a process called “beyond words” and community members of all ages were invited to share “invisible stories.”

Filmmaker, Ellen Frankenstein worked with students and local adults to createLayers of Change, a 25-minute documentary made to encourage dialogue and to inspire other communities to take on similar social justice art projects.

For more information go to

e-mail: artchangeinc@gmail.com

Note Official Premiere:
8 PM AKST ( 9 PM PST) Tuesday March 27th
8 PM Sunday, April 1st
on 360 North & ARCS
Both streaming and broadcast on regular TV.

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